A lot of "weight loss" programs are based on getting people in the door and hoping they never show up again. Once you start your program, you can come into a clinic as often as you want! In fact, we want you to come in as often as possible, as we believe that it will increase your weight loss.

We know that life can be overwhelming, so if you haven't made a visit by Wednesday morning, we will be making a call to see when you will be in that week. Every patient matters to us.

Personal Success Visits

After one month on a program, we will invite you to a "personal success visit". During that visit we will review your progress — how much weight you have lost, your blood pressure history, and if there have been any medical changes. We will also review your goals, to make sure they are still what you are aiming for.

Resize. & Reshape.™

Exam, EXG, Suppressant,

Lab & Body Fat Analysis

Exercise & Diet Plan Lipo-Injection

Lean ExpressExtreme™

4-Week Program

Exam, Lipo-Plus Extreme Injections,

Lipo-Slim Suppressant, Body Fat Analysis

Exercise & Diet Plan

Lean Express™

4-Week Program

Exam, Lipo-Plus Injections,

Suppressant, Body Fat Analysis

Exercise & Diet Plan


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